Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Portrait Techniques

1. Alter Your Perspective
Some of the most interesting and intriguing portraits I saw had a different perspective. They experimented with different angles instead of just looking at a person at eye level.

2. Introduce a Prop
It was so much fun to use the props in class and they were another point of interest that enhanced the shots. Even though there is a risk of taking the focus away from the main subject, the props can give the person an extra layer of depth.

3. Experiment with Subject Expressions
The look on someone's face can completely change the mood of the portrait. The subject can experiment with different moods and emotions, whether it's an extreme expression or a serious shot.

4. Find an Interesting Subject
Looking at portraits, some of them stood out because of their uncommon subject. Using simple props today in class made the subjects way more interesting. I think people will look closer into a portrait if it is not the type of person they usually see.

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