Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Famous Portraits

Richard Avedon
Dorothy Horan, best known as Dovima, with elephants (1955)
Avedon is known to express the essence of his subject and his photos give people a more intimate view of celebrities. I also learned the people posing in his pictures almost always appear to show no feelings and appear totally inward. I think being in front of animals like elephants made Dovima look even prettier. I especially love her dress, but I don't know if this was one of Avedon's fashion photographs. 

Annie Leibovitz
Cate Blanchett (2004)
This is a photo of actress Cate Blanchett and it seems to be one of Annie's less edgy pictures. She is using the rule of thirds and movement. I think it was taken at the perfect time, and even though it is probably set up for a shoot it looks really natural. My favorite part is her big smile which makes it a happy photo.

Arnold Newman
Robert Moses, New York, NY (1959)
This is a great example of Newman's pictures showing the physical world around us. Where Robert was standing immediately caught my eye, and the picture became even better when I saw the beautiful ocean and buildings in the background. I like his point of view where Robert is in the front, but there is also an equally as good background included.

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