Thursday, March 6, 2014

Never Give Up

  • To strengthen your creative problem-solving skills so that you are looking at things in a different way;
  • To find letters of the alphabet in everyday objects to create a word;
  • To become familiar with basic photoshop tools.

With this project I feel like I have started to think more outside the box. Instead of just taking pictures of things, I learned to be creative and find a way to make them letters. I think this is important because there will probably be more projects like this in the future. Also, this was the first project we used photoshop, so I learned how to use that for the first time. It will be important to my learning because we will be using it more throughout the class. This was our first partner project, so we figured out how to split up the work evenly. This will help out with future bigger group projects, especially now that we know we have our history of photography project coming up soon.

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