Wednesday, January 29, 2014


My favorite time to photograph is usually in the summer. I am on the water a lot and my best pictures so far have been when I’m at the ocean or the lake even if it’s not of the water. I think I have gotten better pictures outside because it feels like you are not closed in somewhere and you can look around for more things to photograph. 
I think my motivation mainly is knowing that people will see my pictures. Since they will be online I would love to make my blog and Flickr page look really nice, and it would be nice to have a couple I’m really proud of that I can hang up. As for the teacher, it would be nice not to feel rushed when I am taking pictures. Of course I will adapt to the class time, but at one point in Art Fundamentals I needed to take 50 pictures in 5-10 minutes just to have the number required, and I don’t think they were my best. I also hope we get to take pictures of a variety of different things. This would keep the class interesting and hopefully I could find a subject I love to photograph.

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